Short history of our company

The company ELPAK was established in 1986 in the form of GMK (Economical Co-operative) and worked in this form through five years. Its activity expanded over maintenance and overhauling of bottling industrial machine. In 1991 was an enlargement in its profile, and in addition to the bottling technique the company began to bottle and distribute mineral and medicinal waters. Still this year, in 1991 due to development and expansion of proper scope the company required new organizational form and thus it became Ltd. By 1997 the ÉLPAK company had grown so much that it needed to change its organizational form again and therefore from December 1997 it picked up the PLC form. From January, 2000 because of the two profiles the company established two additional individual companies. The PACKER Ltd. took over the bottling technological profile while the MEDAQUA Ltd. carries out the medicinal and mineral water trade. In November, 2000 the company bought the "SASTO Camping" and founded a new company named MATRA KEMPING Ltd. to run this camping.

Our company seats

The headquater of the company where the overhauling and production of industrial bottling machines take place is in Gyöngyös between the M3 expressway and the E71.

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